The X33 Damage Amplifier is an Equipment slot item unlocked at level 4. Marines standing in a Damage Amp's aura deal double weapon damage. The Damage Amp and its aura look similar to the Medics Heal Beacons, though the Damage Amp's aura is a darker purple with orange streaks and has a more electrical sound to it. Each pack holds 5 Damage Amplifiers. A single Damage Amp lasts 30 seconds.


The weapons of all marines within the beacon radius are electromagnetically optimised to fire rounds with increased impact force.


  • Doubles damage output of all conventional weapons
  • Five amplifiers per pack can last most of a mission if used wisely


  • Small, stationary area of effect


  • Using a Damage Amp in conjunction with a Healing Beacon when your squad-mates need health and you are being swarmed allows for safer healing.
  • On higher difficulties, the Damage Amp can be of great assistance at conserving precious ammunition by killing aliens twice as fast. The amount of damage required to kill a Shieldbug on Hard is greater than one may realize.
  • As with sentries, it can be difficult to determine when would be a good time to deploy a Damage Amp as there are limited stocks. Unlike sentries, however, there is no loss in opportunity when using the Damage Amp as its deployment is instant and does not take a marine out of combat. It is best to use one and live than to err on the side of caution and die.
  • Most of the time, Damage Amp's can be used in holdout situations such as when the Tech is hacking or you need to wait for a door to open. It is also useful when movement is limited, like on the elevator in Cargo Elevator.
  • As Damage Amps can be carried by any class, feel free to pick up a pack if your squad has all the other essentials covered. The extra damage rarely goes to waste.
  • The Damage Amp only affects conventional weapons that fire bullets or pellets. It will not affect explosives, the Tesla Cannon, the Flamer, the Chainsaw or sentries.
  • If all four marines kill fifteen enemies whilst under the effects of a Damage Amp, they all earn the Damage Amped achievement.
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