Wolfe is an ex-con turned soldier. At his last sentencing, the judge gave him a choice: jail or the IAF. It was the chance he needed to turn his life around. He took top honors at boot camp, easily beating the other enlisted men at everything from hand-to-hand combat to special ordinance disassembly. When his sentence was up, he found that he not only liked military life, but was good at it -- and was consquently offered a position in Special Ops.


  • "Don't get too close, I've got a thing for collateral damage."
  • "Time to hit them where it hurts the most: all over."
  • "There is only one solution to this, and I think I'm going to enjoy it."
  • "Say hello to my friend."
  • "(aggressive growl)"


  • His icon in the Source version of Alien Swarm makes him look a great deal older than his age (26).

UT 2k4 BioEdit

Thomas Wolfe is an ex-convict. A year's service in the Interstellar Armed Forces was part of his criminal sentence, most of which he spent crushing the desert riots of the notoriously inhospitable Hatal 9. By the time his sentence was up, he'd turned into a ruthless soldier and was consequently offered his current position in Special Ops.

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