This page details every weapon's relevant stats. Only personal weapons are counted, so equipment and sentry guns are omitted.

Basic statsEdit

First, what the listed values mean:

  • Damage = damage per shot. Note that shotguns fire 7 pellets, with the damage split equally between each.
  • Bonus damage = the amount of bonus damage per shot that a single level in the weapon's relevant skill grants.
  • Skill = the skill that increases a weapon's damage.
  • ROF = rate of fire. How many shots per second the weapon fires.
  • Base DPS = damage per second. Multiply base damage by the rate of fire.
  • Max DPS = damage per second using the character with the highest skill in the game for that weapon: Wildcat for Damage Bonus, Wolfe for Autogun Damage, Jaeger for Explosives Bonus and Vindicator Damage, and Vegas for Melee Damage Bonus. For the Prototype Assault Rifle, Crash was used.
  • Clip size = how much ammo per clip.
  • Max # of clips = the maximum number of clips you can carry for a weapon, including the active clip. Note that some weapons share the same ammo; equipping one of each will double the max number of clips, as will equipping two of the same weapon.
  • Reload time = how long it takes, in seconds, to reload a weapon without any Reload Speed Bonus.
  • Ammo crate usage = the rate at which a weapon replenishes its ammo from an ammo crate. First number is how many clips you receive per use, and the second number how much of the crate a single use depletes.
  • Affected by Leadership? = can the weapon deal double damage if there's an Officer nearby?

Now, all of the following values have been tested in-game for accuracy (except for most reload times). Therefore, don't modify them just because your loadout screen shows differently. The most notable discrepancies with the loadout screen are:

  • ROF for both the Assault Rifle and the Prototype Assault is 12/sec, not 14.3/sec.
  • Minigun ROF is 20/sec, not 25/sec. Also, the Minigun fires 2 bullets per ammo round.
  • Twin Pistols ROF is 2/sec is for semi-automatic fire, i.e. holding down the fire key. ROF by mashing the fire key tops out at ~6/sec, which is the figure used here. Since bots can deplete the Twin Pistols's magazine in barely a second, using the Twin Pistols with a gaming mouse that has auto-fire could yield impressive figures.
  • Tesla Cannon damage per shot is 2, not 1.
  • PDW ROF is approximately 20/sec, not 28.6/sec.
  • Flamer fires two shots per ammo round.
  • Chainsaw damage is 30.5 per shot, not 31, and ROF is much higher than stated - approximately 9/sec.
  • Grenade Launcher bonus damage is +10 per Explosives Bonus, all characters don't get a +80 bonus whatever their skills. Furthermore, ROF is much higher than stated, approximately 3/sec. In practice, since you'll need a couple of seconds to fast reload after emptying your clip in two seconds, practical ROF and DPS are probably half of what's listed here.
  • Mining Laser ROF is higher than listed (9/sec instead of 2/sec), as is reload time (2.8 versus 2.2). It also fires two shots per ammo round.

Finally, a few caveats:

  • Rail Rifle ROF and base DPS are calculated without fast reloads using Jaeger. Max DPS is with Wildcat using fast reloads, which gives a ROF of approximately 1/sec.
  • Vindicator DPS is difficult to corroborate in-game due to Leadership's influence.
  • Twin Pistols base/max DPS are calculated using the ~6/sec ROF figure for button mashing; in-game, finger fatigue will yield lower DPS.
  • Max number of clips and ammo crate usage for PDW use the "official" number of clips. However, in-game, reloading the PDW uses two clips, not one. (Twin Pistols is not subject to this.)
Weapon Damage Bonus damage Skill ROF Base DPS Max DPS Clip size Max # of clips Reload time Ammo crate usage Affected by Leadership
Assault Rifle / Combat Rifle 5 +1 Damage Bonus 12 60 108 98 6 2.8 020 1/20% Yes
Autogun 7 +1 Autogun Damage 10 70 120 250 2 2.8 100 1/100% Yes
Chainsaw 30.5 +6 Melee Damage Bonus 9 275 490 N/A N/A N/A 000 N/A No
Desert Eagle 104 0 None 4.5 468 468 7 10 1.4 1/10% Yes
Devastator 77 +7 Piercing Bullets 5 385 525 70 2 4.2 1/60% Yes
Flamer 2 +0.5 Damage Bonus 10 20 40 40 6 3.1 020 1/20% No
Grenade Launcher 80 +10 Explosives Bonus 3 240 360 6 4 4.5 020 3/20% No
Heavy Assault Rifle 10 2 Damage Bonus 11.1 111 199.8 98 6 2.8  ?  ?
Marksman Rifle 65 +10 Damage Bonus 0.8 52 84 12 6 2.8 020 1/20% Yes
Medical SMG 7 +2 Damage Bonus 28.6 200.2 371.8 72 8 2.8  ?  ?
Minigun 7 +1 Autogun Damage 20 140 240 250 2 2.8 100 1/100% Yes
Mining Laser 50 0 None 9 450 450 50 6 2.8 020 1/20% No
PDW 7 +1 Damage Bonus 20 140 220 80 12 1.4 020 2/20% Yes
Prototype Rifle 5 +1 Damage Bonus 12 60 96 98 6 2.8 020 1/20% Yes
Rail Rifle 75 +10 Damage Bonus 0.56 42 115 1 75 1.8 010 5/10% Yes
Shotgun 175 +14 Damage Bonus 1 175 231 4 9 1.8 010 1/10% Yes
Tesla Cannon 2 +0.5 Damage Bonus 4 8 16 20 14 3.1 020 1/20% No
Twin Pistols 14 +2 Damage Bonus 6 84 132 24 11 1.4 020 1/20% Yes
Vindicator 105 +14 Vindicator Damage 1.5 158 263 14 6 2.8 020 1/20% Yes

Advanced statsEdit

The following stats are compiled from various interpretations of the basic stats outlined above. They may help when comparing weapons or deciding which type of weapon to prioritize in light of certain parameters.

  • Base D/C = Base damage per clip = how much damage a weapon deals using a single clip. A high value is better for people who dislike reloading or cannot reliably fast reload.
  • Max D/C = Max damage per clip = same as above, but with the highest weapon skill achievable.
  • Base D/MAX = Base damage per max ammo = how much damage a weapon deals using up all of its max ammo. The higher the value, the more aliens the weapon can kill before running out of ammo.
  • Max D/MAX = Max damage per max ammo = same as above, but with the highest weapon skill achievable.
  • Base D/AC = Base damage per ammo crate = how much damage a weapon deals using all the ammo in a single ammo crate. The higher the value, the more efficient it is to take ammo from an ammo crate for that weapon.
  • Max D/AC = Max damage per ammo crate = same as above, but with the highest weapon skill achievable.
  • Firing time per clip = how long you can fire a weapon for using up a single clip, in seconds. Similar to D/C, but with a focus on time.
  • Total firing time = how long you can fire a weapon for (excluding reload time) using up all of its initital ammo, in seconds. Similar to D/MAX, but with a focus on time.

Again, a few caveats:

  • For the PDW's D/MAX, D/AC values and firing times, using two magazines per reload was taken into account.
  • Firing time figures (clip and total) are approximate. Most notably, since weapons switch to reloading after expending their last shot, firing times for non-automatic weapons are shorter than mathematically anticipated.
  • Minigun and Mining Laser firing times do not include rev-up time.
  • Rail Rifle has no clip, and thus no firing time per clip. For total firing time, fast reloads every second are assumed.
Weapon Base D/C Max D/C Base D/MAX Max D/MAX Base D/AC Max D/AC Firing time per clip Total firing time
Assault Rifle 490 882 2940 5292 2450 4410 8 48
Prototype Rifle 490 784 2940 4704 2450 3920 8 48
Autogun 1750 3000 3500 6000 1750 3000 25 50
Minigun 3500 6000 7000 12000 3500 6000 25 50
Vindicator 1470 2450 8820 14700 7350 12250 8.5 51
Twin Pistols 336 528 3696 5808 1680 2640 4 44
Shotgun 700 924 6300 8316 7000 9240 3.5 31.5
Tesla Cannon 40 80 560 1020 200 400 5 70
Rail Rifle 75 115 5625 8625 3750 5750 N/A 75
PDW 560 880 3360 5280 2800 4400 4 24
Flamer 80 160 480 960 400 800 8 48
Marksman Rifle 780 1260 4680 7560 3900 6300 13.5 81
Grenade Launcher 480 720 1920 2880 7200 10800 2.8 9.2
Mining Laser 4950 4950 29700 29700 24750 24750 10 60


The above stats give us a good look at each weapon's capabilities in terms of firepower, ammo efficiency, and so on.

  • In general, the higher the weapon DPS, the riskier it is to use it. The Chainsaw, Grenade Launcher, and Mining Laser all do large amounts of damage but are most effective at close range and/or are at risk of causing friendly fire.
  • The Assault Rifle, the most basic weapon, sits squarely in the middle in the pack in every category. The Prototype Rifle follows the same trend but is a step behind the Assault Rifle in everything having to do with max damage, due to the Techs's lower Damage Bonus.
  • The Autogun and the Minigun edge out the Assault Rifle in terms of DPS, with a more noticeable difference once Autogun Damage comes into play; the Minigun pulls ahead of the Autogun mostly due to its 2-for-1 ammo ratio and high ROF. Another interesting aspect is that, while large clips allow for the longest firing times per clip, total firing time is nearly the same as the Assault Rifle. Both weapons are also a fair usage of ammo crates.
  • The Vindicator is a surprisingly effective piece of equipment, near the top in almost every category: damage, DPS, D/C, D/MAX, D/AC, and total firing time.
  • The Twin Pistols compare unevenly to the Assault Rifle. While they boast higher theoretical DPS and D/MAX, this comes at the cost of lower D/C, more frequent reloads, and poor ammo crate usage. Total firing time is similar.
  • The Shotgun fares similarly to the Vindicator in most categories, but is always a step behind. Firing times are below average.
  • The Tesla Cannon, as expected, sits at the bottom in almost every category, isn't affected by Leadership, and is a horrible use of ammo crates. On the upside it has one of the longest total firing times. Clearly a utility weapon.
  • The Rail Rifle and Marksman Rifle go hand-in-hand. While their DPS is low, their D/MAX figures are impressive and their D/AC are good. The Marksman Rifle also boasts the longest total firing time, with the Precision Rail Rifle coming in second.
  • The PDW is basically a modification of the Assault Rifle: twice the ROF (and thus roughly twice the DPS) for half the firing time, similar in every other category.
  • The Flamer's performance is difficult to assess due to the lack of info on the afterburn effect. Since direct damage figures are low across the board, this reinforces the notion that its best use is the "puff" method to set enemies on fire and slow them while squadmates finish them off.
  • The Chainsaw boasts the highest Max DPS and consumes no ammo. As said above, its only drawback is the type of situations in which it places the user.
  • The Grenade Launcher is average in terms of DPS and D/C, has a poor D/MAX and a long reload time, but is an exceptionally smart use of ammo crates. Firing times are the lowest in the game, emphasizing precision and control when ammo is an issue.
  • The Mining Laser is a powerful weapon with extreme D/C, D/MAX, and D/AC, and the second highest theoretical DPS. The same caveats as with the Chainsaw apply.

Other factors to considerEdit

This page considers weapon stats in a vacuum (or, more accurately, against a target dummy). However, in combat situations, several other factors that are difficult to compute should influence your choice of weapon.

  • Collateral damage. Whether it's explosive splash damage or piercing bullets, some weapons can damage more than one enemy at once. While this can result in higher overall damage, it also increases the chances of friendly fire.
  • Alt-fire. Some weapons have special alt-fire functions that greatly enhance their versatility.
  • Ease of use. The Grenade Launcher is powerful but features a steep learning curve. The Autogun, with its auto-aim and large magazine, is a better choice for beginners.
  • Squad/character loadout. Two Miniguns are not necessarily better than one.
  • Specific ammo caches. Certain missions feature pre-placed ammo caches that are specific to a weapon type (Rifle, Autogun/Minigun, Flamer, or Vindicator).
  • Your character's skills. The Chainsaw has the highest theoretical DPS... with Vegas. If you're playing as Crash, don't touch it.
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