Timor Station is the seventh and final map in Jacob's Rest the first official campaign.


  1. Activate Cable Railway
    Locate the power substation for the cable railway and reactivate it. This will start the warhead on a path towards the breeding chamber.
  2. Detonate the Warhead
    Once the warhead is in position, activate the detonation sequence and blast those evil buggers to hell.
  3. Escape via Bloodhound
    After completing all other objectives, move your squad southeast to the loading dock for immediate extraction.

Notable ItemsEdit

  • After activating the warhead, taking the western path at the first fork will lead to a Blink Pack.
  • Before the first group of boulders, there is a Mining Laser which can be used to break them apart.
  • Next to the switch used to activate the bridge, there are Assault Jets.
  • Near the biomass obstructing the progress of the warhead, there is a second Mining Laser, an Ammo kit, and a Healing Kit. Lacking another source of fire, the Mining Laser here can be used to burn away the biomass.
  • After clearing the biomass and proceding north a short distance, there will be Vindicator ammo and Autogun ammo.
  • Within sight of the second set of breakable boulders, there is a third Mining Laser.
  • In the northernmost room there are four Personal Healing Kits, two Ammo kits, and on the southern balcony, PDW ammo and Rifle ammo.
  • Two PDAs can be found on this map.


  • At the end of the map, there is a walkway with a raised bridge that can be lowered. Taking this path allows a squad to destroy most eggs and Parasites from above, avoiding infestation.
  • The path to the Bloodhound only opens after the computer hack at the end has been completed.

Speed RunEdit


  • Timor in Latin, translates to the noun fear.
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