The Telic Corporation is a shady organization that first appears in the community expansion campaigns Telic and Escape From Rhea for the Alien Swarm 2K4 mod. Telic's primary competitor is SynTek, and both companies manufacture munitions and weapons for the IAF. They formerly operated a research facility on the planet Rhea, and maintain a sizeable fleet of warships. The Telic corporation also maintains a drinks franchise called Doctor Telic, these drinks while having a long shelf life for an unknown reason, attract parasites.


A team of IAF marines were transported to planet Rhea by the IAF Troopship Actaeon. The Telic biolabs on Rhea have carried out illegal swarm research since Telic established the colony. IAF Command required a full report of the facility and evidence of malfeasance by the corporation. A team of marines were forced to hack the corporations 'Mondrian' mainframe, in order to gain access to Telic Corp's restricted database. The Telic fleet later decides to destroy the Rhea colony by nuking the mercury reservoirs in the industrial district from orbit. IAF Research requested that the marines capture several Swarm specimens for in-depth analysis. The marine detachment was able to safely evacuate the surviving colonists from Rhea, and the Telic corporate fleet attempts to fire a missile at the Actaeon.

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