Technical Specialists (also known as Techs) are brilliant computer wizards who've spent their lives tinkering with electronic systems. Any squad venturing into the field is bound to encounter situations where a Tech's touch is required to infiltrate locked systems; their familiarity with electronics also provide a scanner for the squad (in visibility reach of the Tech), which tracks swarm movements on the minimap and provides vital reaction time.

Playable charactersEdit

Used skillsEdit

Scanner image Scanner (Class-specific)

Engineering image Engineering (Class-specific)

Reload Speed Bonus image Reload Speed Bonus

Damage Bonus image Damage Bonus (Crash only)

Explosives Bonus image Explosives Bonus (Crash only)

Health Bonus image Health Bonus (Vegas only)

Melee Damage Bonus image Melee Damage Bonus (Vegas only)

Class-specific weapons and itemsEdit

Prototype Rifle image Prototype Rifle similar to the Assault Rifle, but with auto-aim and stun grenades for alt-fire



  • If you're just starting out, playing as a Tech is probably not the best idea. Techs are sometimes integral to mission objectives so the mission will fail if they die. Furthermore, a Tech's fighting equipment is substandard compared to Officers and Special Weapons, although they do begin with an auto-aim rifle (the Prototype Rifle).
  • Knowledge is power. Learn more about hacking before playing a Tech.
  • Always stay near at least one teammate. Your movement scanner will alert your entire team of incoming enemies, allowing them to anticipate an ambush. Nearby teammates will also gain from your Engineering bonuses, improving their welding and sentry assembly speeds.
  • Don't rush for the door lock or the computer terminal. Allow yourself or your team to set up some defenses first, otherwise you'll get rudely interrupted in the middle of a hack.


  • While trying to avoid straying too far from the rest of the team, make it a habit to stay at the front. Your movement scanner will pick up any bugs around you and warn everybody else of a potential ambush.
  • When hacking something, communicate with your squad beforehand. Set up a perimeter and have the Officer patrol around the area. Have the Medic nearby, just in case.
  • You're still useful even if there's nothing else to hack. Stay close to your team and provide cover behind the heavy-hitters.
  • Two Techs are sometimes better than one. This works best on maps with a high fatality risk such as Timor Station.

Recommended WeaponryEdit

  • The Prototype Rifle is surprisingly powerful, and its auto-aim capabilities make it an invaluable ally in tight spots. Also, it shoots stun grenades.
  • While not specific to the Tech, sentry guns make great support weapons, since a Tech's Engineering skill grants a bonus to the setup speed.
  • In a similar vein, Techs make the best use out of the Welder, since they're always within range of their own Engineering skill.
  • Adrenaline comes in handy when trying to hack something. It'll buy you time if you're about to get swarmed and can also help the rest of the team protect you before you get attacked.
  • Tesla Sentry Coils and Trip Mines (especially the latter when playing Crash, due to his Explosives Bonus) are perfect for securing a perimeter around a hacking zone. They can also help cover a sentry gun's blind spots if the team has one.
  • Vegas has the highest Melee Damage Bonus skill in the game. Combined with a Power Fist or the Chainsaw, he is lethal.

Crash or Vegas?Edit

  • Crash is the more fragile of the two, but has a lot more firepower. He also has a potentially useful Explosives Bonus. This makes him more suited for offensive cover and assistance, although it isn't recommended to go solo with him.
  • While Vegas doesn't have Crash's Damage Bonus, his health is much higher and he can escape sticky situations thanks to his Melee Damage Bonus. His superior Engineering skill makes him an ideal choice for a sentry deployer and for the Hand Welder. He is generally the better choice for beginners and for solo play.


  • Crash's and Vegas's nicknames are both references to their backstory: Crash broke down the Trade Leagues database while Vegas used to be an expert gambler.
  • Both Techs enlisted in the IAF against their will and have also managed to acquire an unsavory reputation as civilians.
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