Tears for Tarnor is one of the most popular campaigns. It consists of a team of marines fighting through the swarm to learn what happened to the Oasis colony on the desert planet Tarnor in the Sanguine system.

You will need a Tech in missions 1 and 3.


Welcome to the harsh planet of Tarnor. A nearly airless rock circling an ancient red giant, the planet is subject to baking heat in the day and freezing colds at night. Despite the unforgiving nature of the planet, the bustling colony of Oasis thrives on the surface as a major trading hub. It's often been said that whatever you need you can find it at Oasis, for a price. However, the colony has recently lost its voice, and it's heartbeat wanes, as something sinister has hatched deep within the research labs, in a project known only to a very few. Recently, all comm. traffic from Tarnor has mysteriously ceased, as such the IAF have sent in a squad to investigate why Oasis has lost it's voice.


According to Ezekel the campaign's creator, Tarnor will be broken up into three chapters in order to make it easier for users to download.

  • Chapter Two: Investigation - Research Facilities*, Administration/Promenade*, Arboretum*
  • Chapter Three: Infestation - Hive*, Water Facilities*, Secret Lab*, Escape*

Map names from chapters two and three are to be considered as tentative at this time.


Chapter 1: Insertion Edit

Insertion PointEdit

  • Investigate Source of distress signal
  • Reach the outpost

Abandoned Maintenance TunnelsEdit

  • Find access to the Spaceport

Oasis Colony SpaceportEdit

  • Interface with control center
  • Open the hangar doors
  • Get to the Transit System

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