SynTek Residential is the fifth map in Jacob's Rest the first official campaign.


  1. Destroy Swarm Eggs 0/26
    You must find and destroy all the swarm eggs in the residential complex. This is the first step of Swarm Containment.
    Early scans indicated the Swarm eggs are concentrated around warm-air head sources, so your squard must do a thorough check of the residential ventilation systems.
  2. Destroy Biomass 0/8
    Orbital scans show a build up of Swarm biological material within the Residential complex. This is an early sign of hive construction.
    All large Swarm biological mass must be destroyed through use of intense heat.
    This objective requires at least one flamer weapon to complete. IAF Command recommends additional Flamer units be taken to facilitate thorough sterilization of the complex.
  3. Escape using the elevators
    Once all objectives are complete, head north to the elevator to exit the area.

Notable itemsEdit

  • There are Twin Pistols in the corridor leading to the northwestern room with eggs. You can use them to shoot the door open if a Tech is not present.
  • In the room directly east of the elevator lobby, there is a Healing Kit, an ammo kit, Flamer ammo, Autogun ammo, and a Extinguisher. The door between these two rooms is welded and blocked by flames.
  • In the room directly west of the elevator lobby, there are Flamer ammo and an ammo kit.
  • There are three additional Fire Extinguishers scattered around the center room and the rooms to its east, always within sight of the burning oil patches.
  • There is a Personal Healing Kit in the small room in the southeasternmost vent portion of the map. This can be useful for keeping an infested marine alive long enough for the Medic to reach him.


  • The needed Flamer is unlocked for all marines of all levels on this map. The Vindicator's Incendiary Grenades will also set the biomass on fire.
  • The locations of the eggs near the center of the map are dynamic; any two of the four rooms each contain a group of eggs, and can be seen on the mission map prior to starting the level.

Speed RunEdit

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