SynTek Hospital is the last map in Tilarus-5, one of the campaigns introduced in Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop.

Description Edit

A series of deaths in SynTek hospital have finally forced the local government to investigate.

Unfortunately, all law enforcement officials that entered the hospital have yet to return. About an hour ago, all power to the hospital seems to have been cut.

We can't be sure what's really happening in there; that's where you come in marines. You've trained for this. Find out what really happened there.

Objectives Edit

  1. Restore Power
    Someone or something has cut the power to the hospital.
    We need access to to the computer network inside that building.
    Find the generator and get those lights back on.
  2. Retrieve Patient Records {revealed upon restoring power}
    Hack into the hospital's computer system.
    We need you to download all of the patient records.
  3. Deploy the Neurotoxin {revealed upon retrieving patient records}
    We found something... extra in the patient records.
    According to an email hidden away in one of the files, the hospital is merely a cover for a multi-level underground scientific complex.
    There was some kind of containment breach, and apparently they were attempting to flood the building with neurotoxins.
    I guess we found out what they were trying to contain... now you need to finish releasing that neurotoxin.
  4. Flood the Facility {revealed upon deploying neurotoxin}
    Now that you've pumped the neurotoxin into the hospital's water supply, open the floodgates to release it into the building.
    That should kill anything living in there.
  5. Evacuate! {revealed upon flooding the facility}
    Get to the teleportation platform behind the facility.
    SynTek's experiments are coming from everywhere. Bloodhound will cover your exit.

Notes Edit

  • Several Flamers can be found throughout this level. Unlike Flamers brought into the level as a starting weapon, these Flamers start with 250 clip ammo and one reserve magazine each (reloading will refill the Flamer with the usual 40-ammo clip, however).
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