Stay Frosty is an achievement which is earned from freezing 6 enemies with a single Freeze Grenade.


  • In Rydberg Reactor there are plenty of aliens behind the final door. Wait for it to open and toss immediately. This also works with the stun grenade for the Electro-Stunned challenge, which you can carry at the same time as the Freeze Grenade (stun grenade is part of the Prototype Rifle, not an Equipment item).
  • A slightly less subtle strategy involves getting surrounded, then dropping a Freeze Grenade right on yourself. This works well on Deima Surface Bridge, where Drones show up in droves.
  • In Timor Station, you'll encounter Harvesters with multiple Harvester spawns nearby. There is slightly less chance of dying as Harvesters do not directly attack you; however, Harvester spawns in large numbers are still dangerous. Just remember that they jump in a straight line.
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