Sewer Junction B5 is the sixth map in Jacob's Rest, the first official campaign.


  1. Seal the access tunnel
    Orbital scans show the swarm are using an old maintenance tunnel to move underground between two areas of the colony complex.
    Your squad must locate the tunnel entrance and seal it. This will limit Swarm movement and make it easier for clean up crews to cleanse the colony of infestation
  2. Destroy Swarm Eggs 0/20
    The moisture in this area has made it an ideal breeding ground for Swarm Parasites. Destroy all Swarm Eggs located within the Sewer junction.

Notable ItemsEdit

  • In the room with the toxic barrel, there is a Rifle ammo kit in the water. You can reach it, if you walk the small path at the bottom of the left exit of the platform.
  • In the area right before the four Shieldbugs attack, there is a Healing Kit, an Ammo kit, PDWs, and a Chainsaw.
  • Just north of the first objective, there is Autogun ammo.
  • Further northeast of the Autogun ammo, there is a Shotgun.
  • In the room with the grinders, on the northeast balcony, there is PDW and Rifle ammo.
  • In the water below is another Rifle ammo kit.
  • In the same room on the southwest balcony, there is an Assault Rifle. This can be used to shoot the barrel to the north that will stop the grinders if you do not possess another weapon with enough range.
  • On the balcony just beyond the grinders, there is Vindicator ammo and two Rifle ammo kits.


  • Killing the two Shieldbugs at the end is optional, as is forcing the second one to leave the exit zone. If all marines run to the exit zone the mission will complete.
  • In the first encounter with Shieldbugs in the level, there are four large holes in the floor. Any item thrown or deployed right in the middle will fall and disappear before having an effect; this includes Flares, Damage Amplifiers, and Heal Beacons.

Speed RunEdit

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