The Sanguine system is home to an aging star, a red giant[1] known as Sanguine's Eye. Sanguine's Eye is orbited by three planets: Tarnor, a Mars-like[2] world; Tempest, a Saturn-like[3] gas giant; and Dorn, a Pluto-like[4] rock also known to the colonists as "Sentinel".[5]

Planetary bodiesEdit


Tarnor orbits closest to Sanguine's Eye an aging red giant in the Sanguine star system. It is a dusty red world, and home to the Oasis colony. With a thin atmosphere, and reddish colour, Tarnor could be described as Mars-like except that proximity to its star results in baking heat during the day. The Sanguine system is located in a part of space crisscrossed by many trade routes, but very few colonised worlds, as most stars in the sector lack habitable planets.[6]


"Tempest is the second planet from the sun, and is a gas giant named in reference to the violent storms that plague its surface. Tempest has two moons Marius and Darius. Marius is the larger and closer one, Darius is the smaller and second one. Marius is a rocky moon the size of Titan[7]. Darius is an ice covered moon roughly the size of Ganymede[8] whose volcanic activity keeps subsurface the ocean below it's icy crust at warmer life potentiating temperatures. It is theorised there may be primitive life in Darius' hidden subsurface ocean, but there has not been an in depth geological study of the worldlet by the Geological Surveyor Department, primarily due to a lack of funding (from the data that is available, it's clear that if there are any valuable resources on Darius, the cost to get at it would be too great to be worth it. as always, if you can't show it'll turn a profit, the people with the money aren't going to be that interested)."


"Dorn is the third world from the sun, a small cold rock in an extended eliptical orbit. The planet's official name is Dorn, but the colonists have always called it "Sentinel" in the spirit of the pioneer's romanticism and later on as a source of merchandising. In fact most children in Oasis have a Sentinel action figure or a Sentinel lunchbox, whilst upon any outgoing ship you can rest assured there's usually at least a few Sentinel souvenirs in the passengers' hand luggage. The story goes that the Sentinel keeps constant watch for any threats, and as long as the planet is in the sky, no harm will come to those that fall under it's gaze. Truth be told, as with most stories, there's a kernel of truth behind this one, as Dorn is home to an unmanned deep-space scanning probe that serves the joint purpose as an astronomical instrument and as a means for long range tracking of ships and other bodies."


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