The SM75 Combat Flares are an offhand item available to all classes at the start. Their primary use is to illuminate an area, but they also grant auto-aim against any swarm caught in their glow. Each flare lasts 30 seconds.


The SM75 Combat Flares are a special magnesium flare developed by the SynTek Megacorporation in conjunction with other standard issue firearms. In addition to providing light over an area, the flares also give out a key wavelength of reflective light which aids the targeting - allowing weapons to lock onto any foe caught in the magnesium glow.


  • Great for dark levels or sections
  • Grants every marine an auto-aim bonus regardless of weapon


  • Stationary once used


  • Chuck them into dark areas (such as the air ducts on the right side of SynTek Residential) to detect incoming aliens, or in choke points to assist in deterring a Swarm assault.
  • The auto-aim bonus can be devastating with certain weapons, such as the Rail Rifle or the Marksman Rifle.
  • If you'd rather have a passive, constant means of illumination and don't mind losing the auto-aim bonus, consider using the Flashlight over the Combat Flares. Nightvision Goggles are another alternative.
  • Flares can be set to give off red, green, or blue light in console. Type "asw_flare_r" for red, "asw_flare_g" for green, and "asw_flare_b" for blue.


  • Vindicator and Shotgun both have their pump reset when you toss a flare. This means if you get into a tight situation you can simply throw flares while holding the fire button to rapidly fire rounds into any aliens in sight.
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