The first 'big' gun available in Alien Swarm, the S23A SynTek Autogun combines a very large magazine size with auto-aiming capabilities in a lethal, but heavy, package.


The S23A SynTek Autogun is among the most advanced squad assault weapons currently available. Featuring a sophisticated tracking system and a powerful electromagnetic field induction chamber, this weapon can identify hostile targets and automatically alter the trajectory of bullets as they leave the barrel to ensure a hit. The Autogun has significant stopping power and can be used to suppress a large number of incoming targets. Special Weapons training is required.


  • Extremely large magazine size that can sustain fire without needing to reload
  • Auto-aims, ensuring that fewer bullets are wasted


  • Slows movement speed when wielded
  • Can only carry one spare magazine, and obtaining a new one requires 100% of an ammo crate (AKA:Ammo Satchel) or an Autogun Ammo box.


  • A speciality of the Special Weapons class, the SynTek Autogun is impressive in its ability to shut down a mass of Swarm with minimal fuss. Although its base DPS is not much higher than the Assault Rifle, it delivers its damage in fewer shots, and playing as a Special Weapons marine guarantees access to the Autogun Damage and Piercing Bullets skills, which elevate the Autogun further.
  • As the Autogun slows the movement of the bearer, a backup weapon is recommended when the squad needs to move rapidly. Alternatively, Wildcat's movement bonus helps to offset this penalty, though her proficiency in Autogun Damage and Piercing Bullets is not as extensive as Wolfe's.
  • Obtaining additional ammunition for the Autogun is problematic. The weapon requires a full, unused ammunition crate in order to gather enough bullets for a single spare magazine; a squad member taking even a single magazine from a stash will render it impossible for a Special Weapons gunner to replenish their supply of Autogun ammunition. Occasionally, you'll find some special cashes of Autogun ammo in the field. Don't miss an opportunity to raid those.
  • Equipping the Minigun as a secondary weapon grants an extra spare clip for the Autogun too.
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