Rydberg Reactor Speed Run is an achievement earned by completing Rydberg Reactor within 3:10 minutes on Normal difficulty or harder. A glitch with the achievement allows players to unlock it with a time of up to 4:00.


  • Partially weld the first door you pass by, at the beginning of the level; it will keep some aliens off your back.
  • Split the team up: have a Tech and a bodyguard go for the hack (remember to use Adrenaline) and activate the reactor, while the other two wait at the next airlock and open it as soon as power is back on.
  • For the team going for the hack, it's advised to bring either Trip Mines or Tesla Sentry Coils to help defend against the vast number of Swarm and Boomers that will attack before the door to the reactor opens. Making use of the turret on the left side of the door from the control panel on the right is also recommened, but not necessary.
  • Instead of extinguishing the flames before the last section, simply run through the crashed helicopter, which has no collision.
  • In order to face less Boomers at the end of the level, have someone bring a sentry to block the north vent spawn. This sentry will also provide firepower for when the last door opens as well.

Best time video strategyEdit

Time: 2:40 (0:30 under official requirement)


Character Primary Secondary Equipment
Tech Any Any Adrenaline, Freeze Grenades, Hornet Barrage, Smart Bomb recommended. The Tech or Wildcat should not carry Adrenaline.
Wildcat Grenade Launcher
Crash/Sarge/Faith Grenade Launcher
Jaeger Grenade Launcher

Group strategiesEdit

  • Whoever is carrying Adrenaline should exchange it for whatever the Tech carried prior to equipping the Assault Jets.
  • Either Crash/Sarge/Faith or Jaeger should hit the console by the second door as soon as the Tech powers it up. The other should help clear Wildcat's path to the door.
  • Wildcat, Crash/Sarge/Faith and Jaeger should destroy the door south of the last console asap.
  • When the last door opens, the Grenade Launcher, Hornet Barrage and Smart Bomb are useful for clearing out the Drones; Freeze Grenades are useful for stopping the Boomers before they can obstruct the exit area. Note that the clip in front of the door is removed approximately one second after the door appears to fully open.

Individual player strategiesEdit

Your teammates should cover you as you rush to the Assault Jets, jump over the wall, shoot the barrel in front of the hacking panel, and hack as quickly as possible. As the hack door is about to go down, hug the right side of it while holding up. Place your cursor slightly below the reactor console while spamming the offhand item key. When close to the console, spam the use key to activate it in mid-air. Grab ammo and the Personal Healing Kit if necessary, then head outside and wait at the position shown at 1:30. Aim slightly below the middle-right edge of the screen while spamming the offhand item key. Upon landing, jump to the bottom-left corner of the nearest green crate that is in front of the breakable door. After the door is destroyed by your teammates, move through the doorway and quickly jump to the console to activate it.
Use your Grenade Launcher to clear the path as you travel to the hacking panel as fast as possible in order to protect the Tech during the hack. Continue to defend the Tech, and try to keep the Boomers away from the door. When the door opens, take ammo or the Healing Kit if necessary, and rush to your other two teammates.

Solo exploit runEdit

Rydberg Reactor speed run 49 seconds WR

Rydberg Reactor speed run 49 seconds WR

An exploit in the map allows a player with Assault Jets to jump on top of the hackable door to bypass the majority of the mission.

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