Rydberg Reactor is the fourth map in Jacob's Rest, the first official campaign.


  1. Bring the reactor online
    Gain access to the Reactor Control Room and bring the power back online.
  2. Reach the north exit
    Once power is restored, perform a sweep through the facility to the North Exit eliminating any hostiles encountered.

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Notable ItemsEdit

  • Before the main fork in the map, there will be Assault Jets, hiding in the dark, to the left of a room that spawns Drones.
  • Before hacking the door to the Reactor, there is a small room blocked off by a welded door on the west side of the map. Inside are a Sentry, a Flamer, and a Chainsaw.
  • Near that small room stands an open pipe with Rifle ammo hidden inside.
  • In the room with the Reactor, there will be one Healing Kit, and Rifle Ammo.
  • On the bottom of the long passage in the middle, there is another Rifle Ammo kit.
  • In the room with the wall of fire, there will be a Extinguisher, marked with a red arrow and red light.
  • In the final airlock room are two Rifle ammo kits.


  • Before accessing the Reactor, there will be two consoles. The one on the left is Tech-only, but the one on the right can be used by anyone and gives access to a turret, located above the door. This turret has infinite ammo, but while controlling it you are immobile and therefore vulnerable, especially from Buzzers and Drones that come in from the right side.
  • Near the end, you can walk through the helicopter next to the fire without having to put it out. Great for speed-runs.
  • During the final airlock opening, all marines can hide in the pipeline at the upper wall to completely avoid contact with the Swarm until the airlock opens.

Speed RunEdit



View from below

There exists a glitch (whether it is intentional or not is not known) that is found directly at the beginning of the level at the first barrel you encounter. Move above the barrel slightly and then roll south. You should now be on the pipes found there. You can then fall to the level below it and look around.
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