You will need a Tech in mission 1.

Story Edit

We believe that samples from Vereon XII have made it to Earth and compromised the Research 7 Facility. We're sending in Alpha squad to investigate.

Missions Edit

Transport Facility Edit

  • Restore the power
  • Open the airlock
  • Access the facility
  • Proceed into facility

Research 7 Edit

  • Activate the Purge System
  • Exit RC7 and head through the forest
  • Stop the aliens spreading!
  • Find a way into the hut
  • Destroy Swarm Eggs 0/3
  • Destroy Biomass 0/2
  • Go deeper into the cave system.

Illyn Forest Edit

  • Find a way past the blockage
  • Find a way to bypass the gate
  • Rise the lift
  • Defend the generator
  • Get on the lift

Jericho Mines Edit

  • Find a way to raise the lift
  • Rotate the laser
  • Charge the laser
  • Fire the laser
  • Escape the mines
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