Outstanding Execution is an achievement that requires you (and minimum one other player) to complete an entire campaign without a single death on Normal or harder difficulty.


  • Take your time; this achievement is not timed.
  • Bring two Medics to melt the achievement into a cake walk. Save one medi-gun for parasite infestation, and use the other for general healing.
  • It is recommended to do this on Normal, since it is the easiest difficulty that unlocks the achievement.
  • Make sure the group move as one. Designate front guard, rear guard, and move as slowly as the slowest person in the group.


  • This achievement does not require all 4 marines to be present throughout the campaign. It also does not matter if a player joins later as the game is in progress - as long as he doesn't die, the others will still get the achievement.
  • Missions can be restarted as long as no marines have died, but if anybody dies, ever, the whole campaign must be restarted. Restarting means leaving the current room and creating a new room to start the campaign over.
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