The following is a list of mentioned organizations in the Alien Swarm universe which miss too much information to justify their own articles.

Core SystemsEdit

The Core Systems are the oldest, most powerful, and important worlds in the Interstellar Alliance, they are the founding worlds. Earth, birthplace of the human race and Mars, the first world colonized by the human race, both located in the Sol system.

Humanist ProtectorateEdit

The Humanist Protectorate are a pro-human hate group.

Paradise SuppliesEdit

Paradise Supplies is a large corporate entity that appears to provide logistical supplies for both Allied Systems colonists and the IAF. They also appear to own their own star system.

Spacefarer Inc.Edit

Spacefarer Inc. is a megacorporation that manufactures Starships. Their long-distance passenger ship the 'Titanic' fell victim to a vicious Swarm attack, despite their best attempts to build an "impenetrable" sleeper ship. Passengers on Spacefarer Inc. ships are traditionally placed in hypersleep.

Starbase SystemsEdit

The Starbase Systems corporation makes the stock trading database software used by the Trade Leagues.

The ChosenEdit

The Chosen are a pro-human hate group.

Trade LeaguesEdit

It appears that the Trade Leagues operate the Interstellar Alliance's Stock Exchange using a trading database built by Starbase Systems. Unfortunately, the database crashed due to the endeavours of a computer hacker by the name of David Murphy, costing the group millions of credits.

Trust MediaEdit

Trust Media is a corporate entity. Possibly a media conglomerate.

United IndustriesEdit

United Industries appears to be powerful corporate entity like SynTek and Telic. They also appear to traffic in off-world black market goods, exotic alien flora and fauna, and proscribed xenonarcotics which they purchase in the poorer Allied Systems and then sell in the wealthy Core Systems.

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