The following is a list of mentioned locations in the Alien Swarm Universe which miss too much information to justify their own articles.

Alpha 7826-XEdit

Alpha 7826-X is a prison colony in the Luyten star system.

Alpha MinorEdit

Alpha Minor is a star system. The wreck of the Titanic, a Spacefarer Inc. ship was found drifting near it.


Anhaven is a human colony world, and home to the Anhaven Ruins left behind by an unknown alien race.

Antheon PrimeEdit

Antheon Prime is a large gas planet in the Antheon system, it is surrounded by several moons. Moonspire is Antheon's fifth moon, it possesses a habitable atmosphere and is home to the Moonspire colony.

Antheon systemEdit

The Antheon star system is home to a massive gas planet named Antheon Prime, and the human colony of Moonspire located on Antheon Prime's fifth moon.


Earth was the first of the Core Systems, and the birthplace of humanity. It is also the seat of the Interstellar Alliance, and the Central Embassy. Tokyo York Island the corporate headquarters of SynTek Megacorporation is located on Earth.

Rosebloom Pleasure WorldEdit

Rosebloom Pleasure World is a garden colony in an unnamed star system.

Luyten SystemEdit

Luyten System is an Allied Systems outpost managed by the SynTek Megacorporation. SynTek operated Alpha 7826-X a corporate penal facility in Luyten system. They also maintained a secret research facility within the Phalanx Space Station.


Moonspire is the fifth moon of gas planet Antheon Prime, it is located in the Antheon system.

Phalanx Space StationEdit

Phalanx was a space station managed by the SynTek Megacorporation, it is located in the Luyten system. The space station housed research laboratories and large encrypted corporate databases. Space stations are much larger than starports and are designed to be relatively self sufficient.


Phalanx was rumored to have been conducting experiments on unspecified organic life forms, such as plants, Earth fauna, and possibly the swarm. After contact with the station was lost for 72 hours, an IAF marine detachment was forced to enter and destroy the station, and the marine after mission reports were compartmentalized. Internally the reports were classified under the Solaris Secrets Act.

S-N5 constellationEdit

The S-N5 constellation appears to be a stellar group in the Milky Way Galaxy For it to be a constellation, it must be visible to at least one of the the worlds in the Allied Systems or the Interstellar Alliance.

Sol systemEdit

Sol was the first Core System, and it is the home star system of the planet Earth.

SX-2833-87P clusterEdit

The SX-2833-87P cluster appears to be a globular cluster of Population II Stars near the Galactic Bulge in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Tau Ceti 5Edit

Tau Ceti 5 was a research base focused on anti-swarm technology that was destroyed by a swarm attack.

Tokyo York IslandEdit

Tokyo York Island, Earth is home to the corporate headquarters of SynTek Megacorporation Incorporated.

Vereon XIIEdit

Vereon XII is the twelth planet in the Vereon system, the human colony is believed to be swarm infested. The Jacob's Rest campaign is set on Vereon XII. Vereon XII was first discovered by Jacob Cornell, a freelance deep space explorer, while running a search contract for the SynTek Megacorporation. It is an icy planet with reports of sub-zero temperature on the surface, the planet houses a SynTek residential facility, as well as a nuclear reactor, some areas of the colony are still under construction.

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