Various known locations in the Alien Swarm universe.

Allied SystemsEdit

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The Allied Systems are the outermost member worlds of the Interstellar Alliance, and the hardest to protect and maintain.


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The Interstellar Armed Forces (IAF) is the military organization to which the marines belong.

Interstellar AllianceEdit

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The Interstellar Alliance is made up of two separate political factions, the powerful Core Systems centered around Sol and made up of the founding worlds, and the far flung but more numerous colonies of the Allied Systems.


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SynTek Megacorporation, Inc. provides most of the in game equipment used by the IAF to protect the Interstellar Alliance.


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The Telic Corporation is a shady organization that first appears in the community expansion campaigns Telic and Escape From Rhea for the Alien Swarm 2K4 mod.

Other organizationsEdit

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A list of mentioned organizations in the Alien Swarm universe which miss too much information to justify their own articles.

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