Officers are grizzled veterans who've led their squad through countless battles. While they bring considerable tactical experience to any combat situation, it is their ability to hold their squad together and direct their actions that makes Officers a true force to be reckoned with, and a welcome sight in any struggle against the Swarm. They are also versed in the use of explosives for taking out large groups of enemies quickly.

Playable charactersEdit

Used skillsEdit

Leadership image Leadership (Class-specific)

Vindicator Damage image Vindicator Damage (Class-specific)

Explosives Bonus image Explosives Bonus

Health Bonus image Health Bonus

Damage Bonus image Damage Bonus (Sarge only)

Melee Damage Bonus image Melee Damage Bonus (Jaeger only)

Class-specific weapons and itemsEdit

Vindicator image Vindicator a shotgun with high stopping power, a large magazine, and incendiary grenades as alt-fire

Incendiary Mine image Incendiary Mines will create a firewall upon detonation



  • Starting out as an Officer is not recommended. While they have high health, good specialized weaponry, and provide passive bonuses to their squad that require no management, they generally require good control. If you're not careful, their Vindicator and the explosives they generally specialize in can cause serious harm to teammates and possibly yourself. You could potentially ruin the mission if you end up killing a technical specialist.
  • As an Officer, your main role is to assist the rest of your team. Cover the more fragile classes (Medics and Techs) and stay close to the group, as you passively increase your teammates's firepower. Plus, if you stay at the front of your squad's advance or cover the rear, you won't have to worry about accidentally clipping someone with a stray Vindicator pellet.
  • Nevertheless, your high health and firepower allow you to split up from your team and scout ahead short distances. If your team's rear is secured, set off any ambushes ahead and retreat, taking out as many bugs as possible on the way.


  • Officers are the only characters with no Reload Speed Bonus. As such, make sure you work on your Fast reload technique to improve your rate of fire.
  • If you have the Vindicator, a good strategy versus swarms of Drones is to dive towards them and shoot. If some of them survive, dive backwards and shoot again. Always plan where you want to dive and try to line up as many Swarm as possible. This allows you to shoot at point-blank range while minimizing risk.
  • Try to draw the attention of Shieldbugs while the rest of your team flank it. Your high health means you have the best chance of surviving a direct attack from it. Your Vindicator also packs a strong punch against them if you manage to get behind and assault their weak point.
  • In the middle of a heavy firefight, stand near the Special Weapons marine. Their high damage output combined with your Leadership bonus will make short work of any Swarm.

Recommended WeaponryEdit

  • Always bring the Vindicator as a weapon (unless squad makeup dictates another choice, such as an Ammo Satchel or a sentry gun) since it's one of the most versatile and dependable weapons in the game. Its incendiary grenades can even burn Biomass.
  • Since the Vindicator is so versatile, your choice of backup weapon is fairly open. A sniping weapon (either the Marksman Rifle or the Rail Rifle) works well to shore up the Vindicator's one weakness, a lack of long-range utility; plus, as an Officer, you should be able to fast reload on a reliable basis, which compensates for their small clips.
  • If you're new to the game, the Vindicator and the Assault Rifle make a great combo. They complement each other nicely, since the Vindicator excels at close range while the Assault Rifle lets you handle enemies at long range, and having access to multiple types of alt-fire grenades is always handy in a tight spot.
  • Incendiary mines work best on maps where Swarm attacks happen in narrow chokepoints. Examples include Landing Bay, Deima Surface Bridge and SynTek Residential. Avoid using in open spaces.
  • Don't place Incendiary Mines on the side that a welded door is likely to fall onto. The mine will trigger, but the door will smother most of the fire. Instead, put them on the outside of the door to burn Drones attacking the door, or further back if the layout allows.
  • Static traps, including Tesla Sentry Coils, work well with Officers, as they can draw out the Swarm and set one of them along the way. Officers also spawn more Trip Mines at a time than most other characters: Sarge spawns two at a time, while Jaeger spawns three.
  • Officers' explosive damage bonus makes them exceptionally deadly with the Grenade Launcher or Hand Grenades. Take point or rear guard to reduce the risk of friendly fire.

Sarge or Jaeger?Edit

  • Sarge is the more versatile of the two. He has the highest health in the game, and his Damage Bonus allows him to deal a lot of damage with any weapon. As such, he will work best as the team's point man, taking the brunt of the assault while covering the rest of the team. He also has the best Leadership bonus, so it is recommended to stay close to your team while playing him.
  • Jaeger is better geared than Sarge for offensive scouting and solo play, as well as static defense when using mines due to his Explosives Bonus. He has a higher Vindicator Bonus too, and his Melee Damage Bonus also allows him to escape from tight spots. On the downside, he won't be able to take as much of a beating as his counterpart. Generally, Jaeger is recommended for advanced players.


  • The Officers are the oldest (Joseph "Sarge" being the oldest of the Officers) and highest-ranking characters in the game. This suits them as leaders and authority figures.
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