Oasis Colony Spaceport is the third map in Tears for Tarnor.


After navigating through the maze of maintenance systems, the sqad has finally reached the spaceport.

Your mission is to bring the guidance and tracking systems online and obtain landing permission for Bloodhound. This will be most easily faciliated by interfacing with the spaceport control computer.

Finally, please remember that whilst getting Bloodhound into the spaceport is your current objective, your overall mission is still to investigate what has happened to Oasis colony.


  1. Interface with control center
    Interfacing with the spaceport's control computer is the only way to bring the guidance and tracking systems online.
    Use the computer systems to then gain landing clearance for Cerberus and remotely open one of the hangars.
  2. Open the hangar doors
    If you are unable to open any of the hangars remotely, move onto the nearest hangar and activate the door systems locally
    The hangar's forcefields should protect you from catastrophic pressure variance when the doors open.
  3. Get to the Transit System
    Make your way tot the transit system station and board a train to Oasis colony's other sectors.
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