The Model 35 Pump-action Shotgun is a high-power shotgun unlocked at level 3.


A traditional manually operated pump-action shotgun that fires 12-gauge rounds. Favored for its powerful close range, wide-spread blast. The receiver is designed to hold four Magnum shells.


  • Excellent damage
  • Can hit multiple targets with a single shot
  • Uses 10% of an Ammo Stash to resupply one magazine


  • Short range
  • Very small magazine and ammo capacity
  • High spread makes it difficult to avoid friendly fire


  • The Pump-action Shotgun can inflict the highest damage per shot of any weapon, and can penetrate enemies.
  • A useful backup weapon. If your main weapon runs out of ammo while you're still in danger, you can stop reloading and switch to the Shotgun to quickly eliminate a nearby enemy.
  • It can also come in handy when taking on more powerful foes, such as Shieldbugs and Boomers, since it's one of the rare weapons capable of taking them down in just a few shots.
  • On the other hand, it makes a terrible main weapon, due to its tiny magazine, low ammo capacity, and focus on close-range combat.
  • When playing an Officer, the Vindicator is generally the better choice. It sacrifices some damage for a higher fire rate, signficantly more ammo, and the option to fire incendiary grenades.
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