The Mining Laser is primarily used for destroying boulders that block access to the next area of a map and is one of two weapons that can do this, the other being the Chainsaw. It can kill enemies, but it is not recommended for fighting because of its long charge time and slow movement speed while firing. It does however, deal large amounts of damage quickly. Alternatively, it can be used to burn Biomass if no Flamers are available. It's advisable to get your original weapon back when done using the Mining Laser, as there's usually one within close proximity of boulders .


A CHOBS manufactured high powered 550MW precision laser, used to cut through rock with ease. Mining lasers are commonly used on off-world colonies, being an essential part of any large resource-gathering operation.

The Mining Laser also has a secondary fire that functions much in the same way as the Tesla Cannon (pre-adjustment) in that it will not expend ammunition unless a collidable object is within its damage range. The beam will be invisible (though easily gauged by your laser sight), and you will still have the "wind-up" before it begins damaging, but you can keep it going without wasting precious ammunition, avoiding the wind-up during combat situations. You also may click primary fire during this mode to concentrate the beam and have it fire normally.


  • Destroys boulders and biomass
  • High damage


  • Takes long time to charge
  • Low movement speed when firing
  • Dangerous source of friendly fire
  • Map specific weapon (cannot be selected in the lobby - only picked up in certain maps)


  • While it takes a while to charge up and use, the Mining Laser is a decent improvised weapon, as anything that comes in contact with its beam will take a fair amount of damage. Best used for the point man to avoid friendly fire.
  • One of the best ways to rack up kills with the mining laser is to power up, point the beam at an alien, advance enough to draw his attention and then stop moving and let him walk right into the beam, which will kill drones, parasites and harvester spawn almost instantly. This can be continued for much longer than with most firearms because the mining laser will only use ammo when it contacts something. You can also quickly "wipe" an advancing swarm by pivoting the laser quickly back and forth as it will mow down enemies quite rapidly.
  • Wildcat works well with the Mining Laser because she is faster even when walking with it and can also retreat to charge up more effectively. Faith can also use similar tactics.
  • If you took an ammo satchel, medigun or other item that is completely "used up" by the time you get to the bomb computer on Timor Station, run a bit ahead of your team on the way back and grab the mining laser by the last rock pile as a backup gun. It can work well on the landing pad as a holding weapon while you wait for Bloodhound.

Notes & TriviaEdit

  • With the Steam Workshop Item 'More Starting Equipment' for AS:RD the player can equip this weapon in the Lobby
  • The Mining Laser uses the same model (recolored) as the Tesla Cannon
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