Marines can use melee attacks to defend themselves with their fists when out of ammo or if the opportunity presents itself. Melee attacks can save a marine's life when cornered by one or more Swarm, or when weapon fire might be harmful. Medics who choose to bring two healing items to a mission have no means of self-defense except for melee attacks.


The following achievements are related to melee attacks:


  • A melee attack deals 30 base damage per hit.
  • Melee damage and attack speed are increased by the Melee Damage Bonus skill. Damage is also doubled by the Power Fist.
  • The maximum damage a melee attack can deal is 108 damage, when playing Vegas with his 4/5 Melee skill and utilizing the Power Fist Attachment. The damage calculation is as follows: 30*1.8*2 = 108.
  • You can perform a three-hit combo if you use three melee attacks in rapid succession (punch, kick, double punch to the ground). The third melee attack has an extended area of effect and the potential to hit more foes than a normal punch or kick.
  • You can hit more than one enemy with a single melee attack if they are bunched up, as the punches and kicks seem to pierce through enemies.
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