Medics tend first and foremost to the well-being of their fellow squad members. The Medics's advanced, specialized equipment allows for healing in the field, and is vital in preventing marine deaths from Swarm infestation or simple attrition from combating endless hordes of ravenous aliens. Nevertheless, Medics are also trained in the use of most IAF weaponry, and are more than able to defend themselves when under duress.

Playable charactersEdit

Used skillsEdit

Healing Bonus image Healing Bonus (Class-specific)

Infestation Curing image Infestation Curing (Class-specific)

Damage Bonus image Damage Bonus

Reload Speed Bonus image Reload Speed Bonus

Speed Bonus image Speed Bonus (Faith only)

Combat Drugs image Combat Drugs (Bastille only)

Class-specific weapons and itemsEdit

Heal Beacon image Heal Beacon places a stationary beacon that heals anyone around it

Medical Amp Gun image Medical Amp Gun can heal marines and amplify damage

Medical Gun image Medical Gun fires a healing beam directly at another marine

Medical SMG image Medical SMG can heal marines and fire bullets

Gas Grenades image Gas Grenades release toxic gas on impact



  • Don't start out as a Medic. Not only are you vulnerable to damage, but your job requires good knowledge of the game's maps as well as the game's mechanics. On top of that, bad timing or miscommunication might cost your team victory. Fortunately if you happen to accidently injure your teammate, you can quickly heal to undo your mistake.
  • Stay close to the rest of your team. You need them to survive against the Swarm, and they need you to heal them.
  • If you see someone dangerously low on health in the middle of a fight, heal them no matter what. A spent beacon is better than a dead teammate.
  • Always communicate with your team and check on their health bars. If someone's calling for you, run to them. If everyone needs to get healed, tell them to regroup. If you're trying to save up, tell your teammate to hold up for a bit.
  • Heal yourself. This might seem obvious, but a lot of Medics forget that they need to keep themselves alive as well. Don't hesitate to drop a beacon if you're low on health.


  • The Special Weapons marine is your best friend. Stay close to him and make sure he's alright. In return, he'll make short work of any offending aliens.
  • After the Special Weapons class, prioritize the Tech. On missions where you need one to unlock a door or hack a terminal, he is the priority. If he's low on health, drop everything and heal him before he dies, otherwise you'll have to restart the level.
  • Officers are pretty tough, so you needn't worry as much about them. Whenever there's a lull in the action check up on them to see if they need a quick fix.
  • You may not be the best fighter, but you can still use a weapon. Cover your teammates and if one of them is getting swarmed, kill the bugs before attempting to heal your teammate.
  • If there are two Medics on the team, select one non-Medic member and stick to them like a barnacle. That way, you'll make sure they'll get healed properly. Also, communicate with the other Medic so as to use your healing resources as efficiently as possible.

Recommended WeaponryEdit

  • Which means of healing you bring to a mission is a crucial decision during setup. In fact, you can even bring both beacons and the Medigun, should you feel so inclined, but this will leave you with no means of self-defense save for melee attacks.
  • Healing beacons force your team to remain static while healing, but can heal several people at a time. Multiple beacons stack, so drop a couple if you want to heal faster or cure someone of an infestation. These work well during checkpoints and when defending an objective.
  • The Medigun heals faster and does so while moving, but can only heal a single target at once. Works best when covering one teammate in particular and on maps with few static sequences.
  • As a Medic, you won't be doing as much fighting as an Officer or a Special Weapons, but when you end up having to fight you're going to need something powerful. PDWs are a prime choice, as they deal a lot of damage quickly. The Shotgun works as well, especially if you end up cornered.
  • Carrying a Tesla Cannon or Flamer will greatly help out your team, as you can paralyze entire waves at a time. Normally, a high-damage teammate should be near you at all times, so they'll be able to mop up the Swarm with ease.
  • If you want to save up on health resources, bring a Healing Kit or Armor. That way you won't need to waste any beacons or Medigun ammo on yourself.
  • If you used both of your weapon slots for healing tools, consider using the Power Fist to get out of a tight spot. The Hornet Barrage can also help clear a room, and can be used multiple times.
  • If you really like assisting your team, bring along some Flares, Damage Amplifiers or Adrenaline (especially if you're playing as Bastille). Your position as a Medic means people will generally hover around you, so you can put these tools to good use.

Faith or Bastille?Edit

  • Faith is the best healer in the game, with both her healing and infestation curing skills at maximum. She is also very fast, allowing her to dart between teammates. On the other hand, she has lower reload speed bonus and a meager Damage Bonus.
  • Bastille is more combat-oriented than Faith. His Damage Bonus and Reload Speed Bonus skills are higher than Faith's, and his unique Combat Drugs skill prolongs Adrenaline's duration by 60%. However, his healing skills are inferior, and curing infestation is particularly slow; multiple Heal Beacons are often needed to cure one infestation.


  • Along with the Special Weapons class, the Medic class shares more than a passing resemblance to the Team Fortress class of the same name. The Medigun from the game also has a near identical function to another weapon (again with the same name) in Team Fortress 2.
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