The MTD6 Smart Bomb is a single-use Equipment slot item unlocked at level 26. Once activated, a barrage of high-damage missiles fly out and home in on any Swarm nearby. Similiar in use to the Hornet Barrage, albeit with 32 missiles instead of 8 and a single charge.


Featuring a patented Multiple Threat Denial targeting system, the Smart Bomb is the ultimate single use one-to-many hostile elimination system. Activating this backpack mounted device will cause a continuous stream of rockets to fire over a wide area.


  • High damage to all surrounding enemies
  • Useful in escape situations or when surrounded
  • No friendly fire


  • Single use


  • Set off the Smart Bomb when you are severely outnumbered or about to die to give your squad a chance of survival.
  • The Smart Bomb is extremely effective for clearing out the large mass of eggs near the computer at the end of Timor Station.
  • The SmartBomb is really useful while fighting a Shieldbug (activate it when your marine is looking at its rear)
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