The MNV34 Nightvision Goggles are an equipment slot item unlocked at level 24. They provide up to 20 seconds of typical night vision, which highlights swarm aliens in white, after which the goggles need to recharge. A full recharge takes approximately 15 seconds.


Thermal based image intensifier with low signal to noise ratio and self-recharging power pack. The MNV34 is high resolution with a wide dynamic luminance range, making it suitable for all light conditions. Standard lightweight battery pack permits 10 seconds of continuous use.

Note: Despite the description flavor text, the Night Vision Goggles provide 20 seconds of night vision at full charge. Furthermore, a "low signal to noise ratio" mentioned in the description is a bad feature, not a good one; however, the goggles work properly in-game.


  • Allows vision in dark places
  • Highlights enemies


  • Lasts for only 20 seconds before having to recharge


  • Use in dark areas to help light up enemies.
  • Great for a marine on point to discern and react to incoming threats faster.
  • If you'd rather help the whole squad see better, pick Flares or a Flashlight.
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