The ML30 Trip Mine is an Equipment slot item available to all classes at level 1. Trip mines can be placed on the floor or on walls, and arm themselves after two seconds. When triggered, they detonate and damage anything in the vicinity, including marines. When placed on the floor, an alien will have to pass directly over a mine to trigger it.


A pack of attachable Laser Trip Mines. Detonation is triggered by any hostile entity breaking the detection beam. Marines skilled with explosives are able to place multiple mines with a single toss.


  • Can be placed both on walls and on the floor, allowing more freedom
  • Can kill multiple Swarm with its blast
  • Large ammo capacity, especially with the Explosives Bonus skill
  • Has the ability to kill Parasites if placed low enough, or placed in the correct spot on the floor
  • A quick arming time, allowing for cutting off paths or multi-swarm take down


  • Requires a Swarm to pass through the beam
  • Single blast will not kill heavier/more advanced Swarm


  • Characters with the Explosives Bonus skill (both Officers and Crash) place 2 or more mines at a time. They can quickly create a mine field to slow down the attacking Swarm (especially useful to place on walls of tight corridors behind you to cover your backside from smaller aliens that WILL follow you, for example in Cargo Elevator, thus neutralizing the need to let a squadmember do this job).
  • Another strategy, albeit more dangerous to yourself, is to set the mines and lure a group towards your mine field. Roll dodging helps.
  • After sealing a door, consider placing a couple of mines on a wall nearby. When the Swarm break down the door, they'll be in for a surprise. Just don't put the mines on the floor; when the door is destroyed, it will fall on top of them.


  • Sarge and Crash (Explosives Bonus of 2/5) place 2 mines per deployment, meaning they can place up to 24 mines in total.
  • Jaeger (Explosives Bonus of 4/5) places 3 mines per deployment, meaning he can place as much as 36 mines in total.
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