The M73 Twin Pistols are dual semi-automatic pistols available at the start of the game to any class. Since the pistols are not fully automatic, pressing the Fire key will fire a single shot, and holding it down will fire shots continuously but slowly; to attain maximum fire rate one must repeatedly tap the Fire key. The Twin Pistols deal good damage with every shot and have a large ammo capacity.


The M73 is a lightweight, high powered semi-automatic sidearm featuring a 16-round staggered magazine. Renowned for its reliability, this weapon has been a standard in the IAF for the better part of a decade.


  • A few well-placed shots are enough to neutralize weaker swarm
  • Very ammo-efficient thanks to their high damage and low firing rate
  • Fast reload speed
  • Firing speed controlled by button-pressing speed


  • Firing speed limited by button-pressing speed
  • Not good against multiple enemies
  • Damage may be insufficient against tough enemies

(Note: despite the description, the Twin Pistols's magazine actually contains 24 rounds.)


  • The Twin Pistols are useful if you can only carry a single weapon (such as when playing a Medic) due to their high ammo capacity and great stopping power.
  • To make the most out of them, aim carefully. Consider dropping some Flares to provide auto-aim, but don't be afraid to switch to a backup weapon if it's more appropriate for tackling large packs.
  • While the Twin Pistols do have a large ammo capacity, if you waste rounds or miss too many shots you will find yourself running out of ammo quickly. Make sure to only use as many bullets as you need and keep your aim in check.
  • Unlike the PDW, the Twin Pistols share a single 24-round clip, and reloading uses a single clip.
  • Bots using the Twin Pistols fire as fast as they can compute and as long as there's a live target in range, resulting in a firing rate even higher than the PDW. They will, however, run out of ammo incredibly fast, so it's preferable to equip them with another weapon. (was fixed in Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop)

Double-Trigger ScriptEdit

(not working anymore in Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop)

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