The M42 Vindicator is the first available shotgun in Alien Swarm. It is available at the start but only to Officers. It fills the typical role of close-combat sweeping and features an excellent amount of stopping power coupled with a faster firing rate than the Shotgun.


The M42 Vindicator is a pneumatic assisted pump-action shotgun with a dual, selective magazine system. IAF standard ammunition loadout provides for 12-gauge rounds in one magazine and a number of timed incendiary grenades in the other. The Vindicator is only issued to NCO rank marines.


  • High stopping power
  • Large magazine and ammo capacity
  • Alt-fire incendiary grenades


  • Ineffective at range


  • Do not underestimate the Vindicator's stopping power. On most difficulty levels, a close-range blast will kill a Drone or a Ranger - and often one or two more nearby aliens, due to the spread. This is perfect for an Officer taking the point position.
  • The Vindicator can be fired fast enough to kill targets at long range, but this tactic is not recommended because of the amount of ammunition it consumes.
  • The incendiary grenades add a potent tactical option. The fiery explosion and subsequent afterburn is perfect for weakening or killing a pack. On the higher difficulty levels, the combination of an incendiary grenade followed by one or two blasts from the Vindicator itself is more than capable of defeating a charge.
  • Line up several Drones before taking a shot if possible. This conserves ammo and allows you to kill more than one enemy at once.
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