Landing Bay Speed Run is an achievement that requires you to complete the map Landing Bay within 1:25 minutes on Normal or harder difficulty. This achievement is repeatable.


  • The Tech's speed is very important; his teammates should ensure that he never slows down, except at the two locked doors and the computer terminal.
  • The Tech should be able to hack the terminal in the fastest possible time while under the effects of Adrenaline.
  • Wildcat and Faith, because of their speed bonuses, are important for removing any obstructions in the Tech's path.
  • The first locked door is relatively weak, and can be quickly destroyed by a team with Chainsaws or Grenade Launchers.
  • The second locked door is relatively strong, and should be unwelded by three players while the slowest player (perhaps the one carrying Adrenaline) guards them.
  • While the Tech is hacking, at least one player should guard the Tech, and at least one should break the last locked door.
  • After the last door is broken, one player should travel to the exit area to prevent Drones from spawning in the corridor.

Best time videoEdit

Time: 1:07 (0:18 under requirement)


Character Primary Secondary Equipment
Vegas Grenade Launcher Any Welder
Wildcat Grenade Launcher Chainsaw Welder
Faith Grenade Launcher Any Welder
Jaeger Grenade Launcher Any Adrenaline recommended

Strategy Edit

As a general note, it is important that Vegas finishes the level without ever being obstructed by any enemies or players. He should only ever stop moving for the second locked door and the computer.

  1. Wildcat, who should be at the front of the group, breaks through the crates with the Chainsaw.
  2. All four players destroy the first locked door with Grenade Launchers.
  3. Wildcat, Faith, and Vegas unweld the second door while Jaeger covers Vegas.
  4. Vegas hacks the computer (preferably under the effects of Adrenaline) while being covered by Faith and Jaeger. When hacking, press the use key twice to skip the SynTek logo.
  5. Wildcat saws down the locked door before Vegas finishes hacking, and stays in the last doorway until the rest of the team is about to go through it.
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