Landing Bay is the first map in Jacob's Rest, the first official campaign.


  1. Access the inner perimeter
    Dropship Bloodhound will dock at the out Landing Bay. Your squad must perform a sweep of the immediate area and gain access to the inner perimeter.
    We expect the doors in this section to be locked, so a Technical Engineer will be mission critical to bypass the security locks.
  2. Download the flight data
    IAF Command needs flight data on all vessels that departed from Vereon XII within the last 90 days. Our readings show there's an unused escape pod in landing bay 7 that is still linked to the colony's traffic control systems.
    Have a technical Engineer break into the system and download all flight data.
  3. Get to the landing bay exit
    After downloading the flight data, access the lower level using the cargo elevator to the north. Proceed to the colony to perform a search and rescue.

Notable ItemsEdit

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  • In the room where the first hack takes place, you can break the left glass pane to reveal a basketball. This basketball will react with physics, and shooting or meleeing it will propel it forward. However, a metal plate near the two welded doors is an impassable obstacle and prevents the ball from progressing further.
  • In the room where you must unweld the doors, there will be two Welders nearby.
  • In the hallway before you download the flight data, you can unweld/destroy a door to pick up an Advanced Sentry in a small room to the left.
  • Three PDAs can be found on this map.

Speed RunEdit

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