You will need a Tech in missions 3 and 5.

Story Edit

One of our weapon facility on Planet 137 has activated its maximum security defense system. IAF Special Forces are requested to investigate.

Missions Edit

Lana's Bridge Edit

  • Get access to the bridge
  • Cross the bridge
  • Infiltrate the facility

Lana's Sewer Edit

  • Investigate abnormal signatures
  • Proceed to the maintenance facility

Lana's Maintenance Edit

  • Repair any damaged electrical devices
  • Get the generator back online
  • Get to the vents

Lana's Vents Edit

  • Find your way out of the vents
  • Input the correct detonation sequence
  • Activate T75
  • Escape!

Lana's Complex Edit

  • Obtain security codes
  • Nuclear warhead
  • Escape!
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