Lana's Complex is the last map in Lana's Escape, one of the campaigns introduced in Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop.

Objectives Edit

  1. Obtain security codes
    Download landing security codes in order to allow the Bloodhound to get past automated air defenses and come for extraction.
  2. Nuclear warhead
    Bring the warhead to the main storage silo.
    You will have to manually guide the nuke through the railway system and get it to her sisters' storage silo, where the swarm has settled in.
    According to gathered intel, we expect the detonator to be already set and locked. Whoever was in charge apparently could not finish the job. You know what to do, Marines!
  3. Escape!
    Get aboard the bloodhound for extraction.
  4. Countdown
    {revealed after starting warhead's detonation sequence}
    Marines, time is not our ally in this mission.
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