The K80 Personal Defence Weapon (often shortened to PDW) is a weapon unlocked at level 11. The PDW values pure killing power over ammunition: it has the highest rate of fire and damage per second of all weapons, but this extreme focus on firepower comes at the cost of ammunition capacity.


The K80 Personal Defense Weapon is a lightweight, fully automatic submachine gun. The K80 is issued in pairs for dual wielding and is designed to deliver extreme damage over a short time. Due to the high rate of fire, ammunition is quickly expended, so IAF Command recommends selection as a secondary weapon.


  • Highest DPS weapon
  • Very quick reload time


  • Deceptively low amount of reserve magazines
  • Very easy to run out of ammunition


  • The biggest thing to note with the K80s is that reloading requires two magazines and not one. Thus, the K80 actually has 80x6 magazines which puts it as having less ammunition than the 22A3-1 Assault Rifle. Its damage does make up for this disadvantage, but a cautious eye must remain on how many bullets you have left.
  • The extreme rate of fire and the damage it causes really mandates that the player controls their fire. Carelessly or needlessly spraying bullets when they are not needed is a big waste. Consider tapping the fire button and select targets which have one or more additional targets behind them so that when the burst kills the first target, the additional bullets in the spray will also strike a mark.
  • True to its name, the K80 is an excellent defensive weapon, but it should not be used as a primary assault weapon as it will burn through its magazine in less than 3 seconds at full auto, giving the Swarm an opportunity to close the gap. Used cautiously, the K80 is excellent for Medics or Techs who may not always be fighting, but when they do, they can contribute a lot to the squad's firepower.
  • Wildcat, whose character stats increase her base damage, increases the deadliness of this weapon to 300+ damage per second.
  • The Ammo Satchel makes an excellent complement to the weapon's bullet-hungry nature.
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