Jacob's Rest is the only campaign that was shipped with Alien Swarm, and is the first co-op campaign of Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop. It consists of the team of marines fighting through the swarm to learn what happened to the colony on Vereon XII.

You will need a Tech in missions 1, 3, 4 and 7.


IAF Command has received a distress signal from the remote planet of Vereon XII. It appears the Swarm have attacked Jacob's Rest, SynTek's research and mining colony. IAF Command is sending your squad to strike back at the Swarm and halt the infestation.


During Landing Bay the squad must try to find records of what happened during the outbreak, by searching for shipping manifests. It turns out that the shipping manifests had nothing useful in them and that record-keeping was low-priority before the outbreak, though PDAs scattered around the area suggest that some eggs or other swarm biomaterials were shipped in illegally and may not have been recorded anyway. The squad must head farther into the colony by taking the Cargo Elevator in order to access the colony's main computer.

After taking the elevator the squad must cross the Deima Surface Bridge and take out the colony pipeline to stop the swarm from using it as a sort of "highway" that allows them to move around the colony with considerable speed. Once the Deima Bridge is crossed and the pipeline destroyed, the squad must make their way to the Rydberg Reactor to restore power and turn on the colony's main computer, allowing them to salvage any remaining records and information regarding the outbreak. Unfortunately, the colony has been completely overrun by the swarm and must be destroyed.

The records also show that the colony was storing a thermonuclear explosive device for use in mining. IAF Command decide to commandeer the mining device in order to purge the infestation, and update the operation objectives accordingly.

Their immediate objective, however, is to clear the Residential Area of biomass and eggs - during which time the Commander finds them a route to the bomb. After clearing the residential area, the squad makes their way into a sewer system. Not only is it the fastest way to the bomb, but it must also be sealed off to prevent the Swarm from attacking the marines from behind as they make their way to the bomb. The squad must also clear out a series of eggs in the area.

Once out of the sewers, the marines then make their way to the Timor Station to get to the nuke. Clearing out aliens, biomass and large debris in the way, the marines ensure the bomb is placed correctly, then initiate the detonation sequence. With the sequence counting down, they have only a couple of minutes to evacuate, fighting their way back through the swarm to a landing pad on the east side of the Station area, in order to rendezvous with the Bloodhound for an evac.


Landing BayEdit

  • Access the inner perimeter
  • Download the flight data
  • Get to the landing bay exit

Cargo ElevatorEdit

  • Activate the cargo elevator and descend
  • Activate the facility exterior

Deima Surface BridgeEdit

  • Gain access to the pipeline
  • Destroy the Infested Pipeline
  • Get to the Colony Reactor entrance

Rydberg ReactorEdit

  • Bring the Reactor online
  • Reach the north exit

SynTek ResidentialEdit

  • Destroy Swarm Eggs (x26)
  • Destroy Biomass (x8)
  • Escape using the elevators

Sewer Junction B5Edit

  • Seal the access tunnel
  • Destroy Swarm Eggs (x20)

Timor StationEdit

  • Activate Cable Railway
  • Detonate the Warhead
  • Escape via Bloodhound

Unused mapsEdit

The SynTek Labs mission was an eighth map which was cut from the final release of Alien Swarm. Unused PDA content from this section can be found in the source code. The Labs segment was also where the marines would have encountered the Queen and Shaman. So it may have only existed in the earlier beta builds of the game from 2006-2007.


  • Judging by the name of the campaign, it can be inferenced that the name of the one who discovered the planet or leader of the miners (who got killed by the Swarm) is named Jacob.
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