Illyn Forest is the third map in Research 7, one of the campaigns introduced in Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop.

Objectives Edit

  1. Find a way past the blockage
    There must be something to use in the caves nearby.
  2. Find a way to bypass the gate
    Burn the biomass away.
  3. Rise the lift
    You'll need to bring that lift up, hit the switch to activate it.
  4. Defend the generator
    The swarm seem to be attracted to something, defend the generator!
    If they damage it too much the lift won't reach you.
  5. Get on the lift

Notes Edit

  • The colonist survivor on the other side of the blockage uses some of Bastille's quotes as well as one of his death screams.
  • A PDA says how Timor Station was nuked, hinting this campaign takes place some time after Jacob's Rest.
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