The IAF Tesla Sentry Coil is an unlockable loadout item that stuns and damages nearby enemies until it depletes its ammo, at which point it self-destructs. This item unlocks at level 12.


Self assembles into active defense, and self destructs when out [of] power. Pulses high voltage arcs to stun nearby Swarm.


  • Stuns and slows affected enemies
  • Great for setting up a defensive position
  • Explodes when out of charges instead of powering down, killing any nearby Swarm


  • Relatively low damage
  • Cannot be moved once placed


  • Tesla Coils are extremely useful in conjunction with sentry guns when guarding an area. The Coils can be placed in a Sentry's blind spots, allowing players to take cover behind said Sentry, picking off any enemies that the Sentry can't see at their leisure.
  • Coils are highly effective against multiple large enemies, particularly Shieldbugs. Coils will keep them stunned in one location, allowing you to slip past them or finish them off with ease.
  • You can help Tesla Coils conserve their ammo by shooting tougher enemies instead of waiting for the Coil to kill them on its own.
  • Dropping a Tesla Coil while on the move can stop attacks from the rear much faster than welding a door.
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