The IAF Tesla Cannon projects a stream of electricity attuned to the Swarm's molecular signature. The stream stuns aliens and cannot cause friendly fire, making it an excellent support weapon; however, its base damage is negligible, and is insignificantly increased by the Damage Bonus skill, which provides a 25% damage increase per point, making it a poor choice for a offensively-oriented class.


Originally designed to jumpstart equipment, this tool was quickly weaponized after the discovery that the 24-30 amps and 25K voltage was the perfect blend for liquifying alien innards. The IAF Tesla Cannon is calibrated to identify human biometrics and avoid friendly-fire accidents. In proximity to alien life forms, the beam will arc to nearby hostiles.

The Tesla Cannon is able to ignite explosive barrels.


  • Stuns enemies
  • Hits multiple enemies in close quarters
  • No friendly fire
  • Stuns and damages Shieldbugs from any angle
  • Auto-aim
  • Uses 10% of an Ammo Stash to resupply a magazine


  • Very low base damage
  • Limited range
  • Slow reload
  • Small magazine


  • The Tesla Cannon is a good support weapon for marines behind their allies. It is recommended that Special Weapons characters should not use this as their primary gun, as the DPS is not high enough. Instead, it is recommended for Medics or Techs that want to stay at the back.
  • As it is a support weapon, its main use is to stun, so try not to hold down the trigger attempting to kill the swarm. Instead, zap them once or twice to stun them and leave them for your team mates or to cover a retreat.
  • The Tesla's stun effect lasts approximately five seconds. Remember this and "juggle" targets. Don't forget that the stream can arc to enemies close to your victim too, allowing you to inflict two stun effects for only one trigger pull.
  • Due to the the auto-lock on, it can be good for those aliens who try to sneak up behind you. Or for those random Swarm you find just hanging around.
  • Following on from the above, the Tesla Cannon can be especially useful against Parasites and Xenonites; just point it in their general direction and fry them - their health is low enough that the Tesla's low damage output isn't a huge problem. It's also worth remembering that stunned Parasites/Spawn are slower, giving you and your teammates more time to dodge their pounce attacks.
  • Aliens hit by the Tesla Cannon glow brightly with electricity, making it much easier for your teammates to bring down the ones you've "tagged" when in the dark.
  • Shieldbugs that are Tesla-stunned often behave very erratically. This can result in the Shieldbug standing perfectly still or slowly walking forward without trying to face a marine for protection. Take advantage of the Shieldbug's confusion to tear it to pieces.
  • The Tesla Cannon can "bounce" its stream to enemies through doors, whilst doing very little damage to the door itself. Use this to your team's advantage if there are enemies waiting behind a door, especially Parasites that are just itching to leap on your faces.
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