The IAF Power Fist Attachment is an equipment item unlocked at level 20. When equipped, it passively doubles the damage of a marine's melee attacks.


The IAF Power Fist is an IAF developed combat suit attachment that boosts the damage of all melee attacks from the fist to the foot.


  • Great for characters who rely on melee attacks, such as Medics carrying 2 healing items


  • Not so useful in most combat situations, as long as standard ranged weapons are used


  • Use when you have no other options for weapons, such as a medic using 2 healing items, or if you're carrying two Sentry Guns.
  • It's possible (though not advisable) to play a full melee character. Jaeger and Vegas are the the most suitable: equip them with a Chainsaw, a Flamer, and the Power Fist. Set your enemies on fire then knock 'em out! Switch to the Chainsaw for tougher enemies.

Notes & TriviaEdit

  • The Power Fist does not boost the damage of the Chainsaw. It was intended to but was not implemented. [1]


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