The IAF Personal Healing Kit is a piece of equipment that slowly refills the health of the player when used. The kit heals a marine for 50 health, increased by 5 points for each level in the Healing Bonus skill. The syringe inside a Personal Healing Kit is identical to the Adrenaline HUD model.


A small individual healing kit for self-treatment of wounds in the field. Developed by SynTek Pharmaceutical Division.



  • Single use
  • Cannot cure an infestation on its own
  • Heals over time


  • It is advisable to equip this if your team has no Medic or an inexperienced one.
  • If you are playing as a Medic and are using the Medical Gun, it may be preferable to use a personal healing kit to heal yourself, since Medigun ammo is limited.
  • When separated from your squad's Medic, use a healing kit if you are infested to slow down the infestation and give your Medic time to reach and save you.
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