The IAF Medical Gun is a mobile adaptation of the standard issue Heal Beacons, unlocked at level 9 and available only to Medics. Sacrificing multi-targeting capabilities for single-target focused healing, the Medical Gun is capable of quickly stabilizing a critical marine as well as healing while the squad is moving towards their next objective. The Medical Gun starts with 40 ammo, with an additional 10 ammo per level in the Healing Bonus skill of the user.


A standard issue IAF regenerative healing gun designed to treat wounded personnel on the go. Available only to trained medics, the Heal gun is a mobile, light-weight, hand-held version of the Heal Beacon. It will focus on a single patient and heal them directly without slowing down the squad. The Heal Gun can also be used for self-healing with the alternate fire or by aiming the primary fire at one's own character.


  • Can heal on the move
  • Doesn't require marines to cluster together to receive healing
  • Fast healing rate


  • Only one target can be healed at once
  • Lower overall healing capacity than Heal Beacons
  • Requires the Medic to concentrate on healing


  • The Medical Gun is perfect for squads who prefer to heal on the move. The fast healing rate is also better for countering the effects of infestation, as the infested marine will be cured quicker and is more likely to survive a parasite's damage.
  • Overall healing capacity is sacrificed in favor of the superior healing speed and the mobility advantages when compared to the stationary Beacons. Consider the situation and how you are more likely to heal when picking which equipment to bring to a mission.
  • Although a Medic can take both the Medical Gun and Beacons along for a mission, keep in mind that a weapon-less marine is incredibly vulnerable and may not able to defend themselves properly against more than one opponent.
  • Since the Medic has to continuously use the Medical Gun on a target to heal them, this does remove the possibility of the Medic helping hold back or take down the Swarm. Consider bringing Beacons in addition to better team coordination if you need to do a lot of fighting. As a counter-point, if you mainly heal on the run (such as when escaping Timor Station), the Medical Gun is second to none.
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