The IAF Incendiary Sentry Gun is the third sentry gun that can be used, unlocked at level 21. Of all the sentries, it is the only one capable of dealing large amounts of friendly fire damage as its flames can ignite teammates, so care must be taken when it is used, particularly in terms of deployment location. This deployable weapon is basically a turret with a flamethrower, so it has the same strengths and weaknesses against different breeds of aliens that a flamethrower has.


An automated, high-temperature incendiary sentry gun. Low friction bearings allow perfect tracking even on the fastest threats.


  • Fast targeting
  • Large fuel capacity (800 shots), ensuring long operational lifetime
  • More effective against smaller breeds of aliens like Parasites, Drones, Buzzers and Xenonites
  • High, constant damage


  • Short range
  • Less effective against larger aliens (Boomer, Shieldbug, Mortarbug, Harvester)
  • Less effective against ranged aliens and other aliens that keep their distance, like the Harvester, Mortarbug, and Ranger
  • Sentry AI does not conserve fuel by using the 'puff' method
  • High risk of friendly fire via marine combustion


  • Needless to say, the safest place to stand is behind the incendiary sentry gun. Anywhere else and you risk not-so spontaneous combustion.
  • Great for defending rooms with funnels where massive quantities of fast aliens run in, such as the hacking room on Deima Surface Bridge or the elevater on Cargo Bay.
  • The Sentry Gun can be used to block doors and stairs, preventing non-flying Swarm from passing through. Turn the turret so it faces away if you want to conserve its ammo. Unlike the Swarm, you'll be able to move and fire through the Sentry Gun for easy kills.
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