The IAF Heal Beacon is one of the limited number of ways marines can recover from wounds and infestation by Parasites. The Beacon creates a light red energy field when deployed that will heal any injured marine in its range. A beacon disappears after 20 seconds or once it's depleted its healing power.


When deployed, the IAF Heal Beacon will heal the wounds and infestations of all marines within its radius continually for 20 seconds or until the beacon's healing supply is exhausted. Medics with a high Healing skill are issued more beacons.


  • Can heal multiple targets at once
  • Able to deploy multiple beacons to increase healing rate
  • No maintenance; Medics are free to do whatever they want after dropping a beacon


  • Fixed area of effect
  • Beacons must be used sparingly due to their limited stock (8 with Bastille or 9 with Faith)
  • Beacon healing is split amongst all injured marines
  • Healing rate slows as the marine it's healing increases in health.


  • A Beacon splits its healing per second amongst all squad members in its area of effect. This means the healing provided to an individual marine when all four marines need healing will be 1/4 the rate and total amount compared to just a single marine. Keep aware of this behaviour and try not to 'share' a Beacon that is trying to heal an infested marine, as this places the infested marine at risk of not receiving enough healing to survive.
  • Heal Beacons are best deployed when squads are required to be stationary (such as in holdout or hacking scenarios), as it is unlikely that they will miss a chance at healing. However, if urgent healing is needed, communicate with your squad to maximize healing by grouping the team around the Beacon.
  • Compared to the unlockable Medical Gun, Beacons are capable of healing more damage given the limited provisions, but pay for this by requiring limited movement while healing.
  • Be aware that long-ranged Swarm will be a pest when healing via Beacon. Mortarbugs in particular are a real threat as they will saturate marines clustered around a Beacon. Secure the area before attempting to heal.
  • Since the Medic does not need to manage a Beacon once it has been dropped, they can switch to a weapon and help kill enemies. This reduces the amount of time they are taken out of combat.
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