The IAF Freeze Sentry Gun is the second deployable sentry gun unlocked, at level 15 It fires liquid nitrogen instead of bullets, which does not damage enemies but temporarily freezes them, allowing for members of the squad to dispatch them easily. This sentry gun does not damage allies.


Fires a jet of liquid nitrogen to temporarily freeze enemies in place.


  • Faster targeting than the advanced sentry gun
  • Does not damage allies
  • Able to damage and kill Buzzers
  • Works well with a Special weapons marine
  • Useful against larger enemies, such as the Shieldbug and the Boomer, which can easily be killed while frozen
  • More ammunition than the standard Advanced Sentry Gun


  • Shorter range than the advanced sentry gun, which means it's rather ineffective against ranged enemies
  • Does not deal damage to most aliens, so that marines still have to destroy the frozen aliens lest they thaw out and resume attacking


  • Very helpful when the squad must defend a position, such as the end of Timor Station.
  • The Sentry Gun can be used to block doors and stairs, preventing non-flying Swarm from passing through. Turn the turret so it faces away if you want to conserve its ammo. Unlike the Swarm, you'll be able to move and fire through the Sentry Gun for easy kills.
  • The chainsaw can quickly kill frozen mobs while conserving your ammo. It is extra useful against frozen shield bugs.


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