The IAF Ammo Satchel is a weapon slot item available to all classes at the start. When deployed, the IAF Ammo Satchel creates an ammo box on the ground. Teammates can take clips from this pile, depleting the supply. There is no difference to the number of ammo satchels between classes, as they all receive three. Different weapons use varying percentages from the ammo box: a Grenade Launcher resupply uses very little to refill all clips; however, the Minigun and Autogun both require a full ammo box to refill a single clip.


A standard issue IAF ammo pack containing deployable ammo for all weapon types used in the field. Each pack contains 3 ammo stashes.


  • Lets squad use ammo more liberally
  • Extremely useful on harder difficulty levels


  • Limited capacity
  • Prevents use of a backup weapon


  • Keep an eye on teammate ammo when possible, and drop a kit when someone starts to run low, or when you yourself need ammo. A notification appears when a teammate has run out of ammo entirely, but it is preferable to resupply prior to this point. Teammates can also call for ammo by pressing the number key corresponding to an ammo-carrying squadmate. This creates a bullet icon above their heads that you should look out for.
  • Though ammo need not be deployed in an area being defended, it shouldn't be dropped behind your squad while they are on the move, or else it may go unnoticed and wasted.


  • Prior to the July 21, 2010 Patch, Ammo Satchels could be reloaded, effectively providing an unlimited supply.
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