The IAF Advanced Sentry Gun is a deployable Equipment item available to all classes at level 1. When deployed, the Sentry Gun will automatically shoot targets in its firing arc until it is dismantled or depletes its ammo. Base setup time for the Advanced Sentry is 7 seconds, with a Tech's Engineering skill reducing this time. Dismantling time is 2 seconds which is never affected by skills or class.


The ASG is a highly efficient, fully automated sentry gun, capable of friend/foe identification based on a large number of parameters including biological make-up and wide-band image recognition scans. It consists of a heavy gauge autocannon mounted on a user-adjustable rotating stand.


  • Set and forget
  • Perfectly accurate
  • Can assist in covering blind spots
  • Does not cause friendly fire


  • Requires preparation
  • Requires a stationary position to be fully effective


  • While the ASG is the most basic sentry weapon, it is a well-rounded piece of equipment that can fulfill a number of roles. The most obvious is in covering for a team's blind spots while holding out against an incoming attack. It can also act as a decoy against Shieldbugs, forcing them to either face the sentry gun and get flanked by the squad, or attempt to face the squad and turn their back to the Sentry Gun's firepower.
  • If deployed too close to a door, an ASG can explode, harming nearby Marines. Similarly, sustained damage from Boomers and Mortarbugs can destroy an ASG.
  • As the ASG is perfectly accurate and does not cause friendly fire (despite showing blood if its bullets hit a marine), it can be used to provide suppressive fire against small Swarm that are tricky to target, such as Parasites and Buzzers.
  • Strategically, the ASG allows for a squad to add an additional gun to the field without the burden of actually firing it. Since most weapons have approximately the same DPS, deploying an ASG allows a squad to effectively increase their current firepower by another 'man', with the added advantages that it will not die or panic and that Parasites can't infect metal.
  • The ASG is not class-specific, so carry one if you think you won't need a secondary weapon and there may be an opportunity to create a defensive position.
  • When low on ammo (90 rounds left or fewer), the Sentry Gun's firing sound will become noticeably high-pitched and a light on its back will flash yellow. Alert your squad and prepare to fight without its support.
  • The Sentry Gun can be used to block doors and stairs, preventing non-flying Swarm from passing through. Turn the turret so it faces away if you want to conserve its ammo. Unlike the Swarm, you'll be able to move and fire through the Sentry Gun for easy kills.
  • In most cases, the ASG is the best available defensive turret. It balances damage, fire rate, ammo capacity, range and accuracy.
  • Deploying 2 ASGs to cover the same general area is often overkill. Wait for the first ASG to be low on ammo before deploying the second one; this is critical in Cargo Elevator on Insane, as the first ASG will run out of ammo before the elevator stops.
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