The Hornet Barrage is an offhand item that launches a volley of 8 missiles, which deal 50 damage each. Explosives skill increases damage by 1 point per level. Each Hornet Barrage box can be used three times, for a total of 24 missiles.


Unleashes a salvo of auto-tracking explosive rockets. Marines with greater explosives training are authorized to carry more rockets in each cluster.

(Note: despite the description, the Explosives Bonus skill increases neither the number of missiles per volley nor the total number of charges.)


  • Guidance system ensures efficient distribution of missiles - no "overkill" with multiple missiles hitting one weak target in a group
  • High damage output is enough to kill most Swarm lifeforms
  • High speed and fast turn rate make missiles good for small, fast targets


  • Only three volleys per pack
  • Easy to waste missiles if used at the wrong time
  • Can deal a lot of self-damage if launched into a target or wall at point blank
  • Must face enemies for maximum efficiency


  • The Hornet Barrage is ideal for rapidly taking out masses of of weaker enemies like Drones, and can be effective against small targets that may be difficult to hit, like Buzzers and Parasites. It is less effective against Shieldbugs, however, since any missile that hits the armored legs of the bug will vanish without exploding.
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